On 08/03/12 20:47 , Sandeep Soni wrote:

+/* Splits the token TOKEN into two tokens FIRST_TOKEN and SECOND_TOKEN.
+   Note that the split should work only if the type of the TOKEN is
+   either CPP_RSHIFT or CPP_LSHIFT which gets splitted into two tokens


   while (gl_lex_token (lexer, &token))
-    VEC_safe_push (gimple_token, gc, lexer->tokens, &token);
+    {
+      if (gl_token_is_of_type (&token,CPP_LSHIFT) ||
+         gl_token_is_of_type (&token,CPP_RSHIFT))

'||' goes at the start of the second line, aligned with the first character after the '('.

OK with those changes.


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