Il 14/03/2012 16:37, Ramana Radhakrishnan ha scritto:
> Empirically I spotted this odd behaviour  with
> gcc_GAS_CHECK_FEATURE and comments - Attached are the 2 alternate
> patches that I tried and the difference in the configure scripts
> themselves . I am no m4 expert but it does look like the m4_substr in
> gcc_GAS_CHECK_FEATURE doesn't really like that comment there.
> Any ideas anyone ? I must decline any knowledge of m4 at this point
> and I don't want to commit this until I understand what's going on
> here.

Yes, the # comment is actually part of the macro argument.  If you want
to write a "real" comment (i.e. at the m4 rather than shell level) use
"dnl" instead of "#".

The patch with correct configure output is ok.


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