On 19.03.2012 18:32, Paul Brook wrote:
while I have your attention: what is an virtual unwind frame? ;)
No such thing exists.

Throwing an exception is a muti-stage process.  It requires unwinding the
stack frame twice, taking different actions in the process.  "Forced"
unwinding and backtracing add extra complications.  The _US_* flags tell the
PR which stage in the process we're at.

IIRC the ARM EABI doesn't officially include forced unwinding, it's something
we had to bolt on afterwards.  For added fun the ARM EABI defines the set of
states/actions somewhat differently to the DWARF unwinder.

Forced unwinding is one of the warts that come from interaction between C++
and POSIX.  Almost noone really understands how all these bits fit together.
Thanx Paul, that one gave me a good laugh. :))

I worked several months (not full-time, only every now and then) to nail this loop down.

It's definitely  a fix for upstream - saving the sanity of some souls.


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