this patch which removes one of only two FIXMEs in tree-sra.c has been
sitting in my patch queue for over a year.  Yesterday I noticed it
there, bootstrapped and tested it on x86_64-linux and it passed.

I'd like to either commit it or just remove the comment, if there
likely still are size inconsistencies in assignments but we are not
planning to do anything with them in foreseeable future (and perhaps
add a note to the bug).

So, which should it be?



2011-01-06  Martin Jambor  <mjam...@suse.cz>

        * tree-sra.c (build_accesses_from_assign): Make size equality test
        an assert.

Index: src/gcc/tree-sra.c
--- src.orig/gcc/tree-sra.c
+++ src/gcc/tree-sra.c
@@ -1175,13 +1175,11 @@ build_accesses_from_assign (gimple stmt)
       && !lacc->grp_unscalarizable_region
       && !racc->grp_unscalarizable_region
       && AGGREGATE_TYPE_P (TREE_TYPE (lhs))
-      /* FIXME: Turn the following line into an assert after PR 40058 is
-        fixed.  */
-      && lacc->size == racc->size
       && useless_type_conversion_p (lacc->type, racc->type))
       struct assign_link *link;
+      gcc_assert (lacc->size == racc->size);
       link = (struct assign_link *) pool_alloc (link_pool);
       memset (link, 0, sizeof (struct assign_link));

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