On 03/20/12 04:27, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> 2012-03-20  Jakub Jelinek  <ja...@redhat.com>
>       * config/i386/i386.c (vselect_insn): New variable.
>       (init_vselect_insn): New function.
>       (expand_vselect, expand_vselect_insn): Add testing_p argument.
>       Call init_vselect_insn if vselect_insn is NULL.  Adjust
>       PATTERN (vselect_insn), instead of creating a new insn each time,
>       only emit a copy of it if not testing and recog has been successful.
>       (expand_vec_perm_pshufb, expand_vec_perm_1,
>       expand_vec_perm_pshuflw_pshufhw, expand_vec_perm_broadcast_1): Adjust
>       callers.



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