Martin Jambor wrote:
> Hi,
> this is another iteration of my attempts to fix expansion of
> misaligned memory accesses on strict-alignment platforms (which was
> suggested by Richi in
> and my first
> attempt was posted as
> This time I got further, to big extent thanks to parts of Richi's
> fixes of PR 50444 which cleaned up expr.c considerably.  I have
> successfully bootstrapped the combined patch on x86_64-linux,
> i686-linux, ia64-linux (without Ada) and sparc64-linux (without Java).
> I have run the c and c++ testsuites on individual patches on sparc64
> and ia64 too.
> Nevertheless, since I still lack experience in this area, there will
> almost certainly be comments and suggestions and therefore I have
> divided the three main changes to three different patches, so that
> they are easier to comment on by both me and anybody reviewing them.
> Thanks in advance for any comments,
> Martin

Hi Martin.

The new test cases make implications on the size of int: for example they crash
 for targets with sizeof(int) == 2


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