On Mar 22, 2012, at 7:12 AM, Michael Matz wrote:
> I see that you didn't remove the assert as part of this patch.

I'll include that in my next patch.

> I'd like  to see what you like to do to this routine once the rest goes in.  
> In 
> particular I don't think just removing the assert will be enough, at the 
> very least the block comment should be saying something about what the 
> routine exactly does (or doesn't do) for modes where the two HWI arguments 
> can't specify all bits.

I think the best approach is to refine the spec:

/* Return a CONST_DOUBLE or CONST_INT for a value specified as a pair           
   of ints: I0 is the low-order word and I1 is the high-order word.             
   The value is a signed value, with the high bit of i1 being the sign          
   bit.  Do not use this routine for non-integer modes; convert to              

I think this then exactly matches CONST_DOUBLE semantics.

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