Il 23/03/2012 13:40, Paolo Carlini ha scritto:
> Hi,
> On 03/07/2012 06:22 AM, Terry Guo wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Can anybody please review and approve the following simple patch? Thanks
>> very much.
> apparently somebody, somewhere, approved this patch, because I see:
> 2012-03-13  Terry Guo <>
>     * testsuite/ (TEST_GCC_EXEC_PREFIX): New.
> but frankly the commit as-is didn't make much sense, because the *.in
> files are generated: a sensible patch should have touched the *.am file
> and then, upon approval, committed also the files change by 'autoreconf'.

It was approved by Mike Stump who obviously confused the *.in with *.am,
or libstdc++-v3 with gcc.  It happens. :)

The same change done to is of course ok, but you don't need
my approval to install it.

(the other) Paolo

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