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Marc Glisse <marc.gli...@inria.fr> wrote:

On Sun, 25 Mar 2012, Jason Merrill wrote:

As I mentioned in my patch to add -std=c++1y, I've been working on a proposal
for the next standard to support return type deduction for normal functions,
not just lambdas.  This patch implements that proposal.

Nice. I like the way you seem to be going for the basic, uncontroversial
version (extensions can always be discussed later), instead of trying to
figure out something universal.

If I understand correctly, you pick the first return statement for type
deduction, and other returns (if any) are only checked afterwards for
exact consistency [...]

I am not a C++ or a GCC front-end expert, but I am not sure it is the right 
approach for
functions starting with
  if (!p) return nullptr;
where p is a formal argument.

Or perhaps I am misunderstanding what Marc is saying.

I would rather suggest using all the return statements to infer the type of the 
not only the first one.

First, note that I only explained my understanding from a quick look at the testsuite examples and a couple minutes playing with it, the actual proposal may well be very different. However:

- a first goal is simple functions, with a single return statement (which may even often be the only statement). - inferring a common type is very hard to define (std::common_type has a number of funny properties). - since he rejects code that has several returns with different types, any kind of inference you later manage to add will be 100% compatible.

Yes, it has limitations (it is because I hit them that I guessed the "first return statement" rule), but it never does the wrong thing, at worst it rejects code that is already invalid today. I agree that inference from all returns would be great, later...

Marc Glisse

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