On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 8:23 AM, Ilya Enkovich <enkovich....@gmail.com> wrote:

>> i386/linux.h is used only for simple x86 32-bit builds; i386/linux64.h is 
>> used for multilib-enabled x86 toolchains.  Placing below definitions in 
>> i386/linux.h will not allow adding an Android as an additional multilib to 
>> -m32/-m64 x86 builds.  I improve on this situation I suggest:
>> - rename i386/linux.h to i386/linux32.h (with corresponding change to 
>> config.gcc),
>> - put below definitions to new i386/linux.h (remember to add license notice 
>> header to the new file),
>> - include i386/linux.h from both i386/linux32.h and i386/linux64.h.
> Android does not support x86_64 target and therefore I do not want
> -mandroid support for this target. When Android supports x86_64 target
> this change would be appropriate.

Please add x86-64 Android support as suggested by Maxim.  It can also
be used for x32 Android.


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