Alan Modra <> writes:
> Now that we are back in stage1, I'd like to apply
>, a change to
> toc reference rtl in order to properly specify r2 dependencies.  More
> commentary in that url.  I'm reposting the patch here since the old
> one no longer applies cleanly, and I've added some ENABLE_CHECKING
> code in rs6000_delegitimize_address.

Sorry to be a pain, but I don't think HIGH is supposed contain
regs either.  Both HIGH and CONST are supposed to be true constants.

It's fine to have a non-HIGH expression as the first operand to
a LO_SUM though.  Alpha and MIPS use this for small data, where
the first LO_SUM operand is the small data pointer.  It can also
be an arbitrary rtx like a PLUS.


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