The attached patches fix http://gcc.gnu.org/PR52822, and have been
tested with `make check-c++` on linux-x86_64. The trunk patch applies
and tests cleanly on gcc-4_7-branch. The gcc-4_6-branch patch is
significantly simpler, as Paolo suggested on the bug.
A few small issues.

For the 4.6 version of the patch, you want to use std::__addressof, instead of simply &, which may be overloaded.

For the mainline/4.7 version, you want to cast __pred to bool: !bool(__pred(*__first)). Also, isn't clear to me why you have __local_len in __find_if_not_n instead of just working on __len (and in any case please prefer just __local_len as condition instead of the redundant __local_len != 0; likewise in many other similar situations).

Also, very minor nit, you will be touching the libstdc++-v3 Changelog thus no libstdc++-v3 prefixes in the ChangeLog entry.


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