On Apr 5, 2012, at 15:07 , Richard Guenther wrote:
> Nice.

 Thanks :)

> I suppose this would enable a --disable-fixinclude?  fixinclude can
> take quite some time when a lot of headers are installed and if we are
> not going to install them, why produce them ...

 That was another suggestion in the original thread. I agree it might be
 interesting as well, but that remains a different thing and the Makefile
 target remains useful even without this.

 First, we often need the fixed include files to build the libraries in any
 case. And most of the time, we (at least we=us at AdaCore) need to keep the
 possibility to have both kinds of install targets from a single tree.

 We use the regular "install" on our machines and the no-fixedincludes one
 to produce binary distributions, so we don't distribute sources derived from
 system ones. We also package a program gcc provides to (re)execute fix-includes
 at install time.


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