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Dennis Gilmore <den...@gilmore.net.au> wrote:
> Fedora does use /lib64 on x86_64 I would personally prefer /libhfp but
> wouldn't object to /libhf  though today we have f17 about to go beta
> and all of rawhide built using /lib 

Hi Dennis,

  One potential problem that is born from the /libhf suggestion is the danger 
of having a new top level directory (/libhf) with only one file, the dynamic 
linker. AFAIU it, no distro is currently willing to move away from its existing 
scheme (/lib), Debian is most likely not going to, at best there could be a 
symlink /libhf -> /lib/<triplet>, but that is not solving the problem IMHO. 
What about other distros, if everyone is going to use a symlink for /libhf, 
then even suggesting it and relying on new top-level directories to solve the 
problem is the wrong approach. 

Loic suggested a -IMHO- better solution: to change the dynamic linker filename, 
not the dir, i.e. /lib/ld-linux-hf.so.3 (for this particular case).

My 2c.

Konstantinos Margaritis <konstantinos.margari...@linaro.org>

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