in Ada record (structure) types can have a variable size and, in this case, the 
debug info contains -1 as size attribute for the type.  While the long term 
plan is to support general expressions as size attribute, a small step forward 
is to accept simple variables, which is an important subcase for GNAT.

Tested on x86_64-suse-linux, OK for the mainline?

2012-04-09  Eric Botcazou  <ebotca...@adacore.com>

        * dwarf2out.c (add_byte_size_attribute) <RECORD_TYPE>: Handle variable
        reference as size attribute.

Eric Botcazou
Index: dwarf2out.c
--- dwarf2out.c	(revision 186176)
+++ dwarf2out.c	(working copy)
@@ -15729,6 +15729,7 @@ add_subscript_info (dw_die_ref type_die,
 static void
 add_byte_size_attribute (dw_die_ref die, tree tree_node)
+  dw_die_ref decl_die;
   unsigned size;
   switch (TREE_CODE (tree_node))
@@ -15740,6 +15741,12 @@ add_byte_size_attribute (dw_die_ref die,
     case RECORD_TYPE:
     case UNION_TYPE:
     case QUAL_UNION_TYPE:
+      if (TREE_CODE (TYPE_SIZE_UNIT (tree_node)) == VAR_DECL
+	  && (decl_die = lookup_decl_die (TYPE_SIZE_UNIT (tree_node))))
+	{
+	  add_AT_die_ref (die, DW_AT_byte_size, decl_die);
+	  return;
+	}
       size = int_size_in_bytes (tree_node);
     case FIELD_DECL:

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