On 30/03/12 12:15, Andrew Stubbs wrote:
On 28/02/12 16:20, Andrew Stubbs wrote:
Hi all,

This patch implements 64-bit immediate constant loads in NEON.

The current state is that you can load const_vector, but not const_int.
This is clearly not ideal. The result is a constant pool entry when it's
not necessary.

The patch disables the movdi_vfp patterns for loading DImode values, if
the operand is const_int and NEON is enabled, and extends the neon_mov
pattern to include DImode const_int, as well as the const_vector
operands. I've modified neon_valid_immediate only enough to accept
const_int input - the logic remains untouched.

That patch failed to bootstrap successfully, but this updated patch
bootstraps and tests with no regressions.



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