On Tue, 2012-04-10 at 07:14 -0700, Nathan Froyd wrote:
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> > > BTW, do you have the numbers of CSiBE with this?
> > 
> > Only for "-m4-single -ml -O2 -mpretend-cmove" so far.
> > Not so spectacular :T
> > I'll also do a comparison of more variants to see if something went
> > really bad.  It's a bit difficult to isolate the degradations because
> > there's quite some code reordering happening after the patch...
> Are you looking at execution time or code size?  If the latter, you
> could try disabling scheduling for comparison purposes
> (-fno-schedule-insns -fno-schedule-insns2).  Even if you're looking at
> execution time, disabling scheduling might make it easier to see where
> things are going wrong in the patched code.

Code size only.  Thanks for the hint, will try it out.


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