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>> So, to emit HLE prefix, it is possible to do:
>> int
>> foo2 (int *p, int oldv, int newv)
>> {
>>  __atomic_compare_exchange_n (p, &oldv, newv, 0, __ATOMIC_ACQUIRE |
>>  return oldv;
>> }
> This is wrong since HLE ACQUIRE/RELEASE has nothing to do with
> C++ atomic acquire/release. You can have HLE RELEASE with C++
> atomic acquire.

It makes sense to combine the two. On x86 C++ atomic acquire/release
means the compiler cannot move references outside. For HLE
we really want the same, otherwise some of the memory references
inside the transaction may not be transactional.

So I think HLE_ACQUIRE should imply C++ acquire
and HLE_RELEASE imply C++ release.


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