The order of calls to sched_rgn_init and sched_init differs between
sched-rgn and sel-sched. This caused a scheduler patch I was working on
to segfault once sel-sched was enabled. The following patch swaps the
two function calls.

Bootstrapped & tested on i686-linux. Ok?

        * sel-sched.c (sel_global_init): Swap order of sched_rgn_init and
        sched_init calls.

Index: gcc/sel-sched.c
--- gcc/sel-sched.c     (revision 364953)
+++ gcc/sel-sched.c     (working copy)
@@ -7616,8 +7616,8 @@ sel_global_init (void)
   sel_setup_sched_infos ();
   setup_sched_dump ();
-  sched_rgn_init (false);
   sched_init ();
+  sched_rgn_init (false);
   sched_init_bbs ();
   /* Reset AFTER_RECOVERY if it has been set by the 1st scheduler pass.  */

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