On Tue, 2018-02-13 at 11:56 +0100, FX wrote:
> Hi David, hi GCC team,
> What is the current status of JIT in GCC ? It does not currently work
> on macOS, with a bug in libgccjit.so linkage. We can work around it
> with a hack of the Make-lang.in (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Ho
> mebrew/formula-
> patches/e9e0ee09389a54cc4c8fe1c24ebca3cd765ed0ba/gcc/6.1.0-jit.patch)
> but it seems to me that a proper solution would be use --version-
> script only conditional, with a check for symver support, and check
> whether -soname or -install_name should be passed to create the
> shared library.
> Homebrew (https://brew.sh) has been patching JIT support since GCC 6,
> and I’m considering simply dropping support for it when GCC 8 comes.
> Is there a chance I can this issue being fixed, or should I simply
> drop it?

I'd like to fix it, but I don't have access to a MacOS box.

Is there a machine I can SSH into in the GCC compile farm, or similar
public resource?

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