Hi everyone,

I goal is to discuss if we should use the compiler available in the build 
machine (for example, in RHEL 6.5 it is GCC v4.4.7) or if we should use the 
previous version of Cadence GCC (for example v4.8.3).

Currently, we use the lastest officially supported Cadence GCC version.

But we are using the configuration parameter “enable-bootstrap”, which steps 
are described below, I think we could use the compiler available in the build 

  *   Build tools necessary to build the compiler.
  *   Perform a 3-stage bootstrap of the compiler. This includes building three 
times the target tools for use by the compiler such as binutils (bfd, binutils, 
gas, gprof, ld, and opcodes) if they have been individually linked or moved 
into the top level GCC source tree before configuring.
  *   Perform a comparison test of the stage2 and stage3 compilers.
  *   Build runtime libraries using the stage3 compiler from the previous step.

I want to hear more opinions about this topic, before bring it to next 
compilers meeting.


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