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Christian Walther

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From: Christian Walther <cptsa...@gmail.com>
Date: 2015-10-16 21:30 GMT+02:00
Subject: Patches for current OpenSSH
To: gcc@gccsdk.riscos.info

Hello folks,

please find attached a tarball containing patches to build !SSH from
current Debian sources.

Current status (Working):
- Basic !SSH.ssh works, including local and remote port forwarding.
- Keys, configuration files and known_hosts are stored in <Choices$Dir>.ssh
- ssh-keygen and ssh-keyscan work, including creation of new keys,
setting up, removing and updating passphrases on new and existing
- Yyou can connect to remote machines w/o entering a password, given
that you placed your public key in the right location on the remote
- SSH will ask for your passphrase when using encrypted keys
- Configuration file <Choices$Dir>.ssh.config allows for
configurations as described in man ssh_config

TBD / Not working:
- ssh-agent, ssh-add and related functionality in ssh, since RISC OS
doens't support Unix Domain Sockets. This is currently my top
- The build process makes use of macros with values being set to path
names, such as <SSH$Dir>. These are messed up because $D is handled as
a empty variable, thus $D being removed.
- scp and sftp, because they both use syscalls such as daemon(),
fork(), pipe(), launching ssh as a child to handle data transfer. This
seems to be something bigger. Both need support for InternetModule for
proper Filetype handling, too.

General ideas:
I thought about turning ssh-agent into a proper RISC OS program with
its own GUI, making it the center point for SSH key handling. Allow
keys to be dragged to it, allowing them to be removed from inside
WIMP, lock / unlock individual keys or all, etc.

Since my second child is about to be born I'm not sure how much time I
can put into further development of OpenSSH patches (although I will
try to do so). Besides I've some other interests to spend my time on,
astronomy and photography being two of them.
Originally I started with patching OpenSSH in July, right after this
years meeting of the German Archimedes Group.

Hope to see the patches on the official build servers and gccsdk repo,
any feedback and help is highly appreciated.

Christian Walther

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