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   Matthew Phillips <> wrote:

> I then tried
> ./build -d cli/gpsbabel

It looks like you're running the build from the autobuilder folder which is
why you're getting errors.
First create a build folder in the gccsdk folder then create a file in the
build folder called build-setvars.
Put the following in this file. Change the path to suit where you have
installed the autobuilder,


Then from within the build folder use the command,

../autobuilder/build -v gpsbabel

This ensures all the autobuilder scripts and libraries are found in the
correct place otherwise the host libraries and scripts may be used which
can cause the errors you are getting.

The command line gpgbabel needs some of the Qt libraries installed in the
autobuilder to build successfully.

I've got a port of 1.5.3 which successfully converted mmo to gpx and loaded
OK into RiscOSM. I can make it available for download.

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