On 04/02/17 11:55, Gavin Wraith wrote:
In $.!Boot.Resources.!SharedLibs.lib I have directories
abi-1/0 and abi-2/0. Am I right in suspecting that the
latter replaces the former and that only applications compiled
before a certain date will be need what is in abi-1/0?

I have not dared to try renaming abi-1/0 to see what fails.
If nothing does, can I safely delete it?

abi-1/0 is for libraries compiled with GCC 4.1.2. When we changed
to a newer version of GCC (then 4.6, now 4.7), I came up with a
better PIC layout that was incompatible with the previous version.
So GCC 4.7 uses abi-2/0. If you don't use GCC 4.1.2 or any programs
compiled with it, then you don't need abi-1/0.

I think it best to think of GCC 4.1.2 as obsolete.


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