On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 11:13:48PM +0200, Michael Grunditz wrote:
> If I want to build applications that use SDL, should I build SDL with
> autobuilder or manually? I tried building it from source and it
> complained that it couldn't find "os.h".

Alan probably knows more about this than me, but if you're cross-compiling
you can autobuild SDL and it should install into /home/riscos/env (or
wherever your GCCSDK tree is) so you can then link your program with it in
the normal GCC way (-lSDL). 

There isn't much to be gained by doing it manually, unless you want to
customise for some reason.

I think the error about 'os.h' might be because it depends on OSLib (and
khronos).  The autobuilder will build the prerequisites for you to satisfy
those dependencies.


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