On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 11:32:42PM +0100, John Ballance wrote:
> Hi Theo
> Yes, this is what I'm seeing.
> The abort (ref google) appears to be due to the absence of some of the
> builtins referred to at line 54 of pngshim.c
> If I rearrange the conditional it'll go past that, then fails around line
> 110 calling the routine determined by line54 et al .. seems to be looking
> for a builtin that isn't 'responding'. gcc source suggests the builtin
> should be there..
> This is the patch pngshim.c.p I used to get past the abort .. cludgy I know

In view of the amount of breakage the recent Debian release is likely to
cause (not just this problem but others), I've set the autobuilder to fetch
packages from Debian 'stable' and 'oldstable', which should mean we're not
quite so bleeding edge.  It won't have the very latest versions of things,
but they're more likely to build at all.

Jenkins is now doing a full rebuild, which should hopefully shake out which
packages are broken (the usual answer being 'rather a lot' :(  )

That's not to say we shouldn't work out why __builtin_shuffle is failing, of


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