Hello Hindavi,

> Sorry for the oversight, but my real problem goes unanswered. I need to
know about Freenode IRC. How does it function? And how will I talk to my
future Mentor? How will I know his/her nickname?
> Or is the nickname given with the task that I choose?
Please read the help documents available at g.co/gci including the How to
Use IRC page: https://developers.google.com/open-source/gci/resources/irc

During the contest you will claim a task and each task will have a
mentor(s) assigned to it. Then as you work on the task if you have
questions the mentor can help guide you.

Each of the open source organizations that create tasks for students have
their own preference as to whether they want you to use IRC or mailing
lists etc.  The organization will indicate on their organization page on
the contest site how they wish for student to contact them with questions.

You can also ask questions through the actual contest site once you have
claimed a task. But if you use IRC or the other preferred method of the
organization you will likely have dozens (or more) people who can answer
your questions for you rather than just the one or two mentors assigned to
your task.

Each task has different mentors so you will likely have many people you are
working with. GCI students are not assigned a single mentor to interact

Please stay tuned as we announce more info for upcoming contests in October.


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