Martin Dobias wrote:
On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 5:55 PM, Frank Warmerdam <> wrote:
My intent is to use two OGRLayer instances of the same layer: one
instance for handling various stuff in main thread, the other one in
worker thread for rendering. Can I expect the GetNextFeature calls to
be reentrant, i.e. can they be called from both threads simultaneously
using different instances of layers?

Are the different OGRLayer instances coming from distinct OGRDataSource
instances? If so, yes, you could normally treat them as reentrant though
there might be a few special cases where that turns out not to be true.
Certainly this is only a good idea in read-only activities.

Yes, I consider using distinct OGRDataSource instances for the
OGRLayer instances. Could you please elaborate on the special cases
you are referring to?


Well, it is possible that some drivers use global static variables for
something or have other reentrancy issues.  It is difficult to be certain
without review in detail.  But generally speaking things should be fine.

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