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Hi Folks,

Can anyone tell me what this error means and how to work around it?

Win7 x64 command shell
osgeo4w gdal 1.8
13gb ram (~4.7gb free according to Process Explorer)
121gb free on the drive (mapped to network)
20gb free on drive pointed to by %TEMP%

There are 26 input files whose size ranges from 110mb to 260mb, totalling

If I up GDAL_CACHEMAX and -wm to higher value, like 2048, I get the error on
every single input file instead of just some (I'm still waiting for the results
of not using those options at all).

*gdalinfo --version
*GDAL 1.8.0, released 2011/01/12*

set .gdopt=*--config GDAL_CACHEMAX 500 -wm 500 --config bigtiff if_safer -multi

Processing input file ..\dem_115F.tif.
Using internal nodata values (eg. -3.40282e+038) for image ..\dem_115F.tif.
0...10...20...30...40...50ERROR 2: Out of memory allocating 365425784 byte
destination buffer.


Despite being on Win7 x64 OSGeo4W is still all 32bit executables and
they operate in a 32bit process space.  My understanding is that Win32
processes are frequently subject to memory fragmentation problems and
so even in a process with - in theory - 2GB of heap RAM space available
it is still often difficult to allocate large blocks of memory.   In this
case with -wm 500 set the main warp buffers can be quite large (364MB
for one in your case) and it seems it has failed to allocate the buffer.

I imagine you will just have to use more modest buffers or else get a 64bit
executable for gdalwarp.

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