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> On lundi 22 janvier 2018 23:40:55 CET Even Rouault wrote:
>> Hi,
>> > P.S. @Even: Any news on a GDAL/OGR MVT reader?
>> Yes, a new OGR MVT reader has just been committed in GDAL trunk:
>> http://gdal.org/drv_mvt.html
> And the writer part (for MVT and MBTILES) driver is now in trunk
> http://gdal.org/drv_mvt.html
> http://gdal.org/frmt_mbtiles.html
> Even


At the moment we create MVT tiles from PostGIS with ST_AsMVT to suit with
the national gridset that is based on ETRS-TM35FIN (EPSG:3067) coordinate
system. How difficult would you consider to enhance the driver to split and
write vector tiles according to other gridsets than the Web Mercator one?

-Jukka Rahkonen-

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