I've just pushed in libtiff upstream, and its internal copy in GDAL, support 
for zstandard/
zstd compression [1], and the appropriate changes in the GDAL GeoTIFF driver.
This requires building libtiff (or GDAL with its internal libtiff copy) against 
libzstd >= 1.0
My findings are that single-core compression is at least twice faster with zstd 
than with 
deflate, for equivalent or better compression rate. Decompression is a bit 
faster, but not 
that significantly.

So a compelling use case for zstd is potentially in complex processing chains 
where you 
have many intermediate internal products. At that point of adoption, I'd not 
recommend it 
for consumer-facing products.


[1] https://github.com/facebook/zstd

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