I am creating rasters with Lidar data using GDAL grid. I have very large 
datasets. This raster has 1m pixels.  For now, I am using nearest neighbours 
with a 1x1 m. radius. This is fast.

My goal is  then  to make 4 rasters all having the same 30 m pixel posting but 
I want these new rasters created with the average of a moving window (or search 
radius) having a 1x1m, 10x10m, 30x30m and 45x45m. (Yes I know that creating a 
file with a pixel posting of 30m from the average of a 45m search radius is not 
conventional.)  I know I could do this with GDAL grid from the Lidar but it is 
much too slow for the size of my data. 

 So the idea was to use GDAL warp with the 1x1m raster. Can I set a search 
radius size (or moving window size) with GDAL warp?  

If not, should I save my 1x1m raster as a csv point file and use GDAL grid with 
this new much smaller file that is easier to handle than the Lidar file?

Any ideas?
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