On jeudi 15 août 2019 09:52:22 CEST Greif, Jeremiah wrote:
> I recently had a situation where i needed to add a vertical crs to a raster
> file.  I did what have done many times and use *gdal_translate -a_srs
> epsg:6350+5703 *to add the navd88 vertical datum to the raster file.  When
> I read the file to double check my work using gdalinfo i get the folllowing
> results which doesn't include the vertcrs infomation.
> [image: gdal_post_vrtcrs.PNG]
> When I look at the new raster file in Arc as well as the open source
> tiffinfo I do see that the gdal did in fact write the vertcrs into the
> file.  Why is gdalinfo not reading it though? has something changed in the
> way the tags are written/read with a recent release? 

No, this has always been the behaviour of the GTiff driver. It does write 
CompoundCRS, but on reading it only exposes the horizontal part, by default. 
This behaviour can be changed by setting the configuratin option/environment 

Note: for the new geotiff 1.1 specification (currently under vote at OGC), for 
a file with geotiff 1.1 version number in it, the Compound CRS will be 
reported by default


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