Perhaps this is a good time to introduce myself, since the list has seen "dramatically 
increased" activity today. :)

Randy Wilson here.  I have been interested in family history since my teenage years, 
and also have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, which I got from BYU in 1997.  A few years 
back I read Gentech's Genealogical Data Model document and was very impressed by many 
of the concepts in put forth.  In fact, since that time it has been a little bit 
difficult to continue spending time typing information into my genealogical database, 
because it really seems like I might be wasting my time unless we can somehow make it 
so that when one person "assimilates" some genealogical data, others can benefit from 
it and avoid duplicating the same effort.

Those ideas weighed heavily on my mind, so I formalized those thoughts, along with 
some ideas about what to do about the problem, in a paper I wrote for the 2002 Family 
History Technology workshop at BYU.  The paper is available at:

The paper suggests using "bidirectional source linking", where your database points to 
exactly where every piece of information came from, AND the source points to 
everything that depends on it, so that when someone comes across some data they can 
quickly see whether the information has already been worked on and move on to work 
that still needs to be done.  These ideas depend heavily on the Gentech GDM, and it is 
quite possible that an XML implementation would be required to put such ideas into 
actual use.

So that's why I first contacted Hans, and I'm very interested to see what further 
ideas everyone has on these subjects.

--Randy Wilson

>>> Hans Fugal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 06/03/02 10:00AM >>>
Thank you for your interest! Since you found the mailing list I imagine
you found the archives (of two whole messages).  

I have my plan of attack laid out now, and I hope to begin the schema
this week.

Hans :)

* Michael Fitzgerald ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Sat,  1 Jun 2002 at 02:17 -0700]
> Hi,
> I noticed your work tonight on the Genealogical Data Model in XML.
> I am deeply committed to family history and professionally committed to XML.
> I would like to offer my assistance, if you have any need of it.
> For my professional background, please see
> Best,
> Mike Fitzgerald
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