Thanks for the pointer to the GEDCOM 6.0/XML document.  I had heard that the LDS 
church was planning to create an XML standard for GEDCOM, but I hadn't seen it yet.  
The difference is that they are doing an XML version of GEDCOM, while Hans is doing a 
XML version of the Genealogical Data Model (GDM).

The GDM is based on storing raw data, making assertions based on that data, making 
higher-level assertions based on those, etc., in order to form conclusions based on 
lower-level information or logic.  Each piece of data or assertion carries with it an 
audit trail to show exactly where it came from.  GEDCOM, on the other hand, simply 
stores the final conclusions, possibly with one or more source citations (e.g., a book 
and page number, if you're lucky).  That is a much larger leap, and makes it extremely 
difficult to verify what others have done (i.e., you would usually have to go to the 
library and look the page up, and then read through the page to find the sentence 
containing information about the person).

--Randy Wilson

>>> Lars Olson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 06/03/02 11:01AM >>>
Newbie from UUG here...

How does this project differ from the GEDCOM 6.0 project from the Mormon 
church?  (They're creating an XML DTD so that GEDCOM files can ge 
migrated to XML.)

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