Ok, I have most of the administrivia under control finally and I am able
to start doing some real work on this project.  As always, check out the cvs
archives ( http://fugal.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/ ) to see the latest
incarnation.  I decided to invest a few minutes and familiarize myself
with the compact syntax to save some typing, so the file I am working on
is gdmxml.rnc, which I then run through trang to generate gdmxml.rng.
The compact syntax is more readable once you get used to it, but the xml
syntax is self-describing.

My first question is rng-related. I know rng supports id/idref, but I'm
not sure what it takes to invoke that. For example, the activity_id
attribute of administrative_task should be an idref to the activity
element with that id.

Second, does the name of the definition need to be different than the
name of the element? For example, is the following valid?
<define name="foo">
  <element name="foo">

You'll notice that the specific data, such as names, dates, etc. is in
generic text form at present, except where explicitly stated in the gdm
spec. I plan on revisiting everything with more scrutiny, but if you
ever have ideas/comments I'm glad to entertain them at any moment!

Hans :)

"Everybody is talking about the weather but nobody does anything about it."
        -- Mark Twain

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