This is looking good. Are you testing against any instances? Perhaps you
could commit those, too.

One item to note: Trang does not require you to declare the datatype library
in the compact syntax and assumes that you use the xsd: prefix. When
translated, the datetypeLibrary attribute is automatically added to XML
syntax. The prefix is not required in the XML syntax, as you probably
already know. But you can declare things explicitly in both syntaxes if you

You might consider subscribing to the RELAX NG comment list. You don't have
to be a member of OASIS to do so. This is where you can ask hairy questions.
Just send an email message to
mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] with the word
"subscribe" as the body of the message. The archives of the comments list
are available at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/relax-ng-comment/.

You are making great progress.


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> As you can see I set up a script to email the list with cvs commit
> information. This should make it easier to comment on changes...
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