Hello Hans,

I wonder if I can trouble you for a very brief summary of your views 
regarding your gdmxml project and its relationship to parallel or related 
projects: particularly Jerry Fitzpatrick's (GeniML), Christopher Owe's 
(GenXML), Michael Kay's (GedML), the LDS' (GEDCOM 6.0 XML), the TEI 
guidelines, Stanley Mitchell's (UML), George Farkas' (GenealogyXML) and any 
others that you know about?

I realize that some are data models, some are representations, and at least 
one is an effort to establish a standards body.  I know that many of the 
same people are involved in more than one project, however, and I wonder 
which efforts you think have the most promise and how they might impact 
your gdmxml project.


Bob Velke
Wholly Genes Software

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