Am 13.12.2011 09:11, schrieb Matthew Brush:
> On 12/12/2011 11:02 PM, Yura Siamashka wrote:
>> Hi
>> Sorry I didn't follow conversion to github and I am not really
>> familiar with new workflow.
>> So as GeanyPrj maintainer how do I commit patch to mainline? Should my
>> github user be added to "main" geany-plugins repository or I need to
>> create new fork with related changes and create pull request to main
>> geany-plugins from time to time?
> I think Frank asked for Github usernames in another thread for this.
>> This github stuff is a bit confusing for me.
> There was some discussion about doing something like this:
> 1. Go to and click "Fork"
> 2. Go to and get the clone URL
> 3. From terminal:
>   $ git clone <address from github in step 2>
>   $ cd geany-plugins/geanyprj
>   $ git checkout -b your-topic-branch
>   <hack, commit, hack, commit, ...>
> 4. git push origin your-topic-branch
> 5. Go to and click
> the "Pull Request" button.
> Or we might end up just working from the main repository ourselves like
> we did with SVN, unless someone can step up to review all the pull
> requests.
> Frank did you decide on a "best practice" yet?

I'd really like to see the workflow as you described inside the numbered
section. But as I'm not god its a bit up to community what's the best
way ;)

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