> Now that the geany-plugins has been converted to Git, I thought I'd post
> this patch that adds the feature I've been working on (wrapping text with
> characters) to the Addons plugin.  Any chance of it being added?

Hi Alex,

Now that geany-plugins is on github, we can take advantage of the
awesome 'Pull Request' feature.
Everyone should read the introduction to pull requests if they are new
to github. [1]

Here's how you can send a pull request from your fork of geany-plugins:

1. Visit https://github.com/pzoxiuv/geany-plugins-1
2. Click 'Pull Request'
3. In the box on the right, you will see the heading 'Head branch ·
tag · commit'. There is an input field next to "pzoxiuv/geany... @",
where you should type your branch (addons_wraptext).
4. You can enter a title & description, and double check the commits
and changes. If everything looks good, click 'Send pull request'

This is a lot more powerful than mailing patches back and forth. The
'patch' can be updated easily by adding new commits to your branch,
and anyone can add comments to any of the changed lines.

Best regards,

[1]: http://help.github.com/send-pull-requests/
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