On 12/20/2011 10:18 AM, Colomban Wendling wrote:
Le 20/12/2011 05:07, Matthew Brush a écrit :

Is anyone opposed to me committing the trivial patch attached here.  The
comment I think describes it well enough, and if you're using recent
GTK+ 2.24.x you probably already know about it.

I didn't want to commit without asking since maybe some people will find
this new "feature"[1][2] useful, I personally find it extremely
annoying, but I wouldn't want to fix it at the expense of annoying others.

While I agree the recent list is not useful most of the time (probably
even annoying since I don't know that dir) for me either, I doubt $HOME
is really best.

I'm not certain, but I thought this was the previous behaviour wasn't it? That's the only reason I chose the home dir.

I see 2 alternative, and I think better, choices:

1) use the basedir of the currently opened file;
2) use the "current dir" (e.g. dir from where Geany was started) [1].
    AFAIK this will be $HOME for panel/shell-launched apps.

I did try this, and when started from the panel launcher, it seemed like the directory was still '/usr/local/bin' (when using either "." or g_get_current_dir()).

In my original email I was going to propose a few other locations (if the directories exist else fallback to ~):

~/Documents or ~/documents
~/Projects or ~/projects

In particular ~/projects seems like a good one since this is already the default project directory when creating a new project.

Also as you said in your other email, the last directory is also a good option, though we'd need to store this in the config file (maybe we are already?).

And maybe add an hidden option in case ppl actually like the GTK feature?

It's actually a *GNOME* feature that crept into GTK+. This seems to be a pattern lately that makes me very sad. I guess they think because their target users are idiots that everyone that uses GTK+ in their program has the same target users.

I'm not keen to add another option to just unbreak the GNOME hacks, but I guess we could do it.

Matthew Brush
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