On 12/20/2011 10:50 PM, Thomas Martitz wrote:
Am 21.12.2011 02:58, schrieb Matthew Brush:

And maybe add an hidden option in case ppl actually like the GTK

It's actually a *GNOME* feature that crept into GTK+. This seems to be
a pattern lately that makes me very sad. I guess they think because
their target users are idiots that everyone that uses GTK+ in their
program has the same target users.

But it's in GTK, and it'll behave that way everywhere where GTK is, no?
I.e. on non-Gnome DEs. So how's that a Gnome-only thing? Unless GTK has
a "if (gnome) {}" code path?

Yes, it's in GTK+ as default because a GNOME "designer" put it there, breaking every GTK+ application (GNOME-specific or otherwise) that relied on the default behaviour.

Matthew Brush
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