You are having a timing issue. 'next[0].click()' is an asynchronous action 
changing the page content. You should use 'waitFor' in order to make sure that 
the page was actually updated as expected, e.g. like this:

go ""; // direct to 
Shipping Boxes
assert title == 'ULINE - Shipping Boxes'
def currentPage = 1
while (true) {
  waitFor { $("span.GNPaging 
a.DisabledLink")*.text().contains(currentPage.toString()) }
  def table = $('table.GNItemTable')
  assert table != null && table.size() > 0
  def theader = table.$('thead tr th')
  def next = $('a.EnabledLink', text: 'Next>')
  if (next == null || next.size() == 0) break

For me this works and fixes the problem.
Alexander Kriegisch

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