I was trying to implement waiting for modules: 
Multiple pages in the suite have a panel that is loaded async. 

class APage extends Page {
 static content {
 myPanel { module new Panel('a-page-panel-1') }

 def doInPanel() {

class Panel extends Module {
    String panelId
    static base = { $(id: panelId).parent() }

    static content = {
    foo {//..}
    bar {//..}
    button {//..}
    label {//..}

    protected void initialized() {

    def waitToFinishLoad() {
        waitFor('somepreset') {
            // loading is done when the "loading" modal is removed, and the 
label appears
            !find { $(class: 'loading-modal', style: 'display:block') }

This fails, but only occasionally, with geb complaining:

geb.waiting.WaitTimeoutException: condition did not pass in XYZ seconds

Caused by: geb.error.RequiredPageContentNotPresent: The required page 
content 'Panel -> label: geb.navigator.EmptyNavigator' is not present

Debugging suggests that at the point where waitToFinishLoad() is called: 1. 
The page's DOM is visible to geb. 2. the module's navigator is null.

Can Module.initialized() be relied for providing an initialized navigator?

On Friday, October 13, 2017 at 7:41:40 AM UTC+11, Marcin Erdmann wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 10:10 AM, Samuel Rossinovic <samuel.r...@gmail.com 
> <javascript:>> wrote:
>>    - What is the effect of setting (wait: true) on a content template 
>>    that is a Module? a ModuleList?
>> Setting wait to true on a content template will cause waiting until that 
> temple returns a truthy (see Groovy Truth at 
> http://groovy-lang.org/semantics.html#Groovy-Truth) value. Lists evaluate 
> to true if they are not empty and modules evaluate to true (
> https://github.com/geb/geb/blob/aafa92deabceca64fa94da28d4ea175eaad4618f/module/geb-core/src/main/groovy/geb/Module.groovy#L120)
> when their base navigator is not empty because non empty navigators 
> evaluate to true (
> https://github.com/geb/geb/blob/aafa92deabceca64fa94da28d4ea175eaad4618f/module/geb-core/src/main/groovy/geb/navigator/AbstractNavigator.groovy#L58
> ). 
>>    - atCheckWaiting can be used to wait for a page to finish loading. Is 
>>    there an equivalent method to wait for a module to finish loading?
>> I do not think there is. How would you define loading for modules? 
>>    - Can an at clause contain a complex condition for verification (a 
>>    set of conditions? a function?) If so, would atCheckWaiting work with 
>> such 
>>    a clause? or should such a clause use waitFor() explicitly?
>> An at check can contain however complex verification you wish including 
> method calls and what not. At check complexity has no bearing on at check 
> waiting. It should work even with complex verification conditions.
> Marcin

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