On 25/05/16 18:00, Denis S wrote:
> BTW why keyword association with marks disappear when I reinstall 
> program, I don't touch settings folder, is it expected behaviour?
Yes. I believe  that it is intended that the marks are used as a 
"scratch-pad" feature, and that keywords should be used for long-term 
> Perfect, I've just formatted Overlay window to suit my needs, now it 
> output not only marks but information I was looking for. Really great 
> feature.
> Is it possible somehow assign shortcut to make Image Overlay 
> disappear, as I don't need it most of time in Full Screen mode?
Press the "i" key on the keyboard to cycle through the overlay options. 
(Unfortunately not all documentation has been kept up-to-date.)
If you check the Preferences/Keyboard tab you will see all the currently 
allocated short-cuts, and have the possibility of adding more.

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