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Hi Morgan,

Am Fr den  8. Jul 2016 um 21:20 schrieb Morgan Hardwood:
There is quite a serious bug or lack of feature in Geeqie. One can use a
monitor profile, but the monitor profile uses the perceptual rendering intent
instead of relative colorimetric, if it supports both. The default option
should always be relative colorimetric, even if more rendering intents are
present in the profile. That is of utmost importance and more of a bug.
Secondary to that is adding an easily-accessible option to switch rendering
intents, more of a feature request.
Can you please open a bug report at [0]. That way it will not get lost.


At around line 187 of color-man.c is:

    cc->transform = cmsCreateTransform(cc->profile_in,
                       (has_alpha) ? TYPE_RGBA_8 : TYPE_RGB_8,
                       (has_alpha) ? TYPE_RGBA_8 : TYPE_RGB_8,
                       INTENT_PERCEPTUAL, 0);

INTENT_PERCEPTUAL is what lcms2 uses as default in its documentation.

If it were simply a matter of swapping that to INTENT_RELATIVE_COLORIMETRIC, it would be easy to put an option in the preferences tab.

In fact, if lcms2 has a "cmsIsIntentSupported" function, it would be possible to put a drop-down box of the available intents.

However I have absolutely no knowledge colours, gamuts or anything else - I don't know if the above information is relevant or not.

I leave it to others to decide what to do.

Colin Clark..

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