On 12/12/16 06:54, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> Well, for directories, we have no choosable sort method. But ...
> ... For images you can choose the sort order via context menu. There is
> one, "sort nummerical", that is exactly what you ask for.
Hello Klaus

Unfortunately even for just files, the numerical sort is still not quite 
right for me - when there are alphas, lower case is not sorted next to 
upper case.

I now find that my proposed solution was implemented in Geeqie, but was 
deleted in commit bd34c324c92456f5182579d6922d7aba664f93c3 2009-12-19.

I can't find what bug 2917164 is, but it would seem it was not a real 
bug, but simply that the sort order is not the same as that produced by 
the ls command.

If I google "Natural sort order" - and from Roger's comments - I now see 
this is a well-known problem, and that there are an infinite number of 
differing opinions about this.

However it is clear from the documentation of 
g_utf8_collate_key_for_filename() that the GTK programmers are making a 
serious attempt to produce a function that resolves this.

I suggest I implement a new option in the Files tab of Preferences to 
select the collate method. The menus are then not cluttered up, and 
those who think an ASCII sort is sensible can continue to live happily.

If you don't want yet another option in the program - no problem - I can 
just patch my working copy.


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