For anyone who's curious to play around with it, this is now working. 
It has all of the features described, although the interface ended up 
going in a different direction than I had originally planned.

It'll be a little bit before this gets merged into master, due to some 
unrelated issues with a parent commit that I had written.

Anyway, give it a shot.  Let me know how it could improve.  I know that 
I need to add documentation somewhere (where?), but I'm curious to know 
whether the UI is intuitive at all.


On 12/22/2016 11:39 PM, Omari Stephens wrote:
> Le 22 décembre 2016 13:57:35 GMT-08:00, Klaus Ethgen <> 
> a écrit :
>> Hash: SHA512
>> Welcome back, Omari :-)
>> Am Do den 22. Dez 2016 um 20:51 schrieb Omari Stephens:
>> [Grouping in Pan view]
>> Sounds promising.
>> How do you plan to implement the SQL-Part? I am not sure, if it is a
>> good idea to depend on full postgresql or other full DB system. Maybe
>> sqlite...
>> On the other hand, I know perl SQL::Statement. But I do not know if
>> that
>> is available as a library.
> Oh, the SQL was just a convenient way to explain the two behaviors I had in 
> mind.  For the actual implementations, I would code them by hand.  There are 
> a couple straightforward ways to do the filter behavior.  The grouping would 
> be a little trickier, but probably not much.
> Most of the real work would probably come afterward — taking the basic 
> implementations and making sure that they're fast enough and don't consume 
> too much memory.
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