On 17/03/01, John Stoffel wrote:
> >>>>> "Klaus" == Klaus Ethgen <klaus+gee...@ethgen.de> writes:
> Klaus> Today I found that github changed their term of service effectively for
> Klaus> today.[0]
> Klaus> The new term of service seems to be a bit problematic and disallows to
> Klaus> have geeqie on github. Or better said, geeqies license (GPL) is
> Klaus> incompatible to github term of service.
> Klaus> I am no native English speaker and also no lawyer, but there is
> Klaus> a good analysis[1] describing the problems.
> No, there is one person's analysis of the problem, and who doesn't
> talk about the issue in a legal manner.  When someone throws around
> phrases like "it's now illegal" when a site changes it's terms of
> service, then the stupdity is flowing.  
> Klaus> Please have a look and comment. I think, the only way is to
> Klaus> remove geeqie completely from github. And please don't push any
> Klaus> content to github (the original geeqie repository is ok) unless
> Klaus> the issue is cleared. It seems that until we continue _using_
> Klaus> github, we agree with the new term of service, what we might
> Klaus> not be able to do.
> I don't know why you think these terms change anything?  It's just a
> way for github to cover themselves from lawsuits if someone takes and
> posts on github stuff they don't own.
> It's not suddenly making GPL software illegal on there at all.  Its
> like the terms and service agreements that lots and lots of other
> sites have in place as well.
> Please do not freak out over this, do not stop people from pushing
> stuff to github, and certainly do not apply the flaky reasoning of
> just one non-lawyer's opinion to this project.
> If they don't like the terms of service, then fine, they can move
> their project(s) elsewhere.  Big deal.
> Basically, all github is saying that when you push stuff up there,
> it's publiclly available and that you give them the right to make it
> visible to others.  It's *your* job to make sure you have the right to
> do so, not theirs.

I just asked Red Hat Legal (some of our projects are hosted on github) to have
a quick look at this and they don't perceive a conflict between the github ToU
and the GPL.

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