I just received this pearl:


  Thanks for being a SourceForge user. Our records indicate that you are
  subscribed to the following project mailing lists:


(my other lists elided)

  We are contacting you to confirm you are still interested in receiving
  emails from these SourceForge project lists.  If you do not confirm
  your subscriptions by June 29th, you will be unsubscribed from the
  above mailing lists.

  Please click here to confirm your subscriptions:


Just receiving this was enough to raise my blood pressure because I go
to lengths every time I subscribe to a mailman list to disable such
reminders, and now I realized I couldn't do anything about it this time
because sourceforge runs the list and there is no options page.

But this wasn't all.  After I pasted the link to my browser and clicked
the submit button, I got an error message about a missing captcha.  Sure
enough, when I inspected the list of redirections in the Request Policy
popup, Shmoogle was there.

Please, let us move the list.  This is a line in the browserisation of
everything which I am not willing to cross; so, if the list remains on
sourceforge I have to leave.

Please *no* private Cc: on mailing lists and newsgroups
Personal signed mail: please _encrypt_ and sign
Don't clear-text sign:

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